Qui sommes-nous?

Qui sommes-nous?

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en gestion de transitions

L'équipe de Resolvus est composée de spécialistes opérationnels possédant une vaste expérience dans divers secteurs et fonctions. Nous avons été nous-mêmes à la tête d'équipes, de départements et d'entreprises. Notre expérience est extrêmement complémentaire. C'est ce qui fait notre force en tant qu'équipe pour une approche globale et en tant que one-stop-shop.

Nous sommes passionnés par la valeur ajoutée que les processus de transition et de changement apportent. Notre approche est pragmatique : nous ne donnons pas de conseils sans action. L'équipe de Resolvus est indépendante, objective, dévouée avec un esprit entrepreneurial. Nous nous concentrons sur la création de valeur, les résultats durables ainsi que les gains rapides. Notre équipe est soucieuse d'investir dans la connaissance interne et la coopération avec nos clients. Nous sommes à l'écoute, parce que chaque client a son histoire et qu'il n'y a pas de solution unique.

Nous sommes

  • Timothee Stockmans

    Timothee Stockmans

    Timothee has 18 years of transition management experience in large and medium-sized businesses, in Belgium and worldwide. He is specialized in adding value through strategic and operational change, with focus on post-merger integrations, turnarounds and restructuring of (dysfunctional) businesses/teams.
    Timothee demonstrates a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach, due to his broad experience in senior management roles as well as his laser focus on delivering results. He is passionate about making stakeholders collaborate and lead towards a common goal, with sustainable and enjoyable benefits: board, senior leadership team, employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, “family-to-the business”.
    His multi-industry and multi-functional experience allow to better think out-of-the box and find creative/cross-industry solutions to complex business problems in times of disruptive change and digital transformation.

  • Roland De Wolf

    Roland De Wolf

    30 years’ experience in an industrial environment linked to different managerial responsibilities (supply chain, IT, distribution, sales, strategic marketing, communication, GM and board member). He is specialized in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing transformation with special focus on digitalization in the B2B world. Expertise in market development strategy in an international environment.
    Roland could align his experience for efficiency of international groups and the experience of agility of SME’s. His role as Due Diligence coach for investors investing in start-ups and scales-ups ( BAN-VL and BEANGELS )helped him to master the way to a successful sales or acquisition within various business models.
    Due to his different Belgian and international assignments and academic background, Roland is very familiar to the Flemish, French, English and German speaking culture. He maintains an excellent network of support in this commercial and industrial context, where M&A are part of the game.

  • Edwig Tanghe

    Edwig Tanghe

    Edwig has been involved in all aspects of family businesses as well as restructurings in multinational environment for the past decades. Focus on alignment within company structures and a shared view for the long term goal are key items he implements in a very hands-on way. His passion is to challenge the future proof of a business model and co-implement the strategies needed for the successful growth or reshaping of a business. Though his background is financial Edwig has gained indispensable management experience as a co-founder of companies in various sectors.

  • Philip Vermeulen

    Philip Vermeulen

    Philip has nearly 40 years experience in different kinds of management and strategic positions. He started as a banker (Chase Manhattan Bank) in London (UK) and Belgium and continued his career as a COO and CEO in an ICT based company. As CEO he was directly involved in the sale of that ICT company to a competitor. Next he entered the Venture Capital world (GIMV, FLV Fund) managing deals which made him actively involved in the challenging growth process companies go through: fund raising, acquisitions, integration, turnaround, integrations, exits, motivating high level people, risk analysis, internationalization, etc.. As a lead investor in many deals, he was often in charge of the steering and execution of mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds and exits.

    As a Board member in more than 80 companies in Belgium/Europe, USA and Asia, he developed a generalist view on the way companies develop and take strategic decisions. This resulted in a number of successful exits of which some 5 IPO’s in Europe or the US Nasdaq. In his capacity as Board member he specialized in risk management and governance, which in the publicly quoted companies was an intensive task.

    Since 2001 Philip was – while still active as Board member in some companies - active as a consultant focusing on M & A, assisting companies in preparing an exit or acquisition, governance and turnaround.

    Philip has demonstrated team building and motivational skills while assisting and guiding companies and teams in the execution of their goals and challenges. His capacity to listen and analyze problems from a no-nonsense point of view is much appreciated.

  • Dominique Dopchie

    Dominique Dopchie

    Dominique has 30 years of experience as COO and CEO of SME’s, mainly in several branches of industrial B2B environment as well as in B2C commercial activities. He has strong analytical skills as well on operational as on financial matters.
    The fundamental issues in his long-term business approach are the creation of added value by strategic planning, innovation, operational excellence, implementation of ERP-CRM systems, cost savings, productive investments and efficient people management.
    Taking care of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, investors and shareholders, …)  respecting ethical values and CSR principles are a fundamental part of his approach.
    He was involved in the creation, transmission, acquisition and mergers of several companies, the move of production plants and also participated in the financial analysis and due diligence before transmission. 

  • Karen Mestdagh

    Karen Mestdagh

    Karen is a hands-on people-oriented person. Experienced for more than 20 years, with a demonstrated history of executive management within consulting and engineering business industries.
    Skilled in executive operational management, turnaround and integration management, she guided successfully several acquisitions in Belgium and the Netherlands. With a strong focus on HR, where the screening of personalities, corporate cultures and mutual ambitions, form the basis for a future sustainable framework
    Her goal is to bring out the best in a person, a team or organization through a focus on result driven objectives, according an interactive, open-minded and pragmatic approach. As a confidential advisor and coach, she gets out the best of people and organizations to help realize their ambitions and challenges.

  • Marc De Clerck

    Marc De Clerck

    Marc is a 20+ year experienced M&A, Corporate and Business Development Executive. He managed Strategic Planning, global M&A, Integration, Business Transformation and Business Leadership responsibilities (P&L) in an international environment. He gathered real, hands-on experience in different positions in multi-national corporations, a.o. R&D, Marketing, Sales, Services, Project Management, Manufacturing,… , being active in multiple countries. 10 years ago, Marc founded an Advisory office and became Managing Partner of international, independent group, specialized in mid-market, cross-border M&A and Corporate Finance. Completed projects for SME’s, public listed corporations and Private Equity investors in the field of Due Diligence, post-merger integration, turnaround, M&A and fund raising. Marc was board director in several high tech companies.

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