Our method

Our method

Turnaround &

    • Making sellable and future-proof - Operational adjustments or turnaround/transformation, methodical and measurable approach.

    • "Look through the lens of sellability, lift the company (and its value) operationally to a higher level, whether you want to sell it or not".

    • Apply the OD2-SCAN®: Identification of pain points ifv plan & quick wins = (immediate) value creation.

    • Optimization & alignment between the emotional price and the possible market value.

Turnaround &<br/>transition

due diligence

    • OD2-SCAN® : by a team of specialists with extensive operational experience (all industries and functions) - including Culture & Integration Scan.

    • Insight into the current & future (potential) operational condition/value of the company - focus on people/processes/technology.

    • Indispensable extension of the classic due diligence - based on operational experience: estimation of operational risks and (improvement) opportunities in production, logistics, purchasing, sales, HR, R&D, ICT,... possible synergies and "integrability" (post merger integration: early risk, effort, cost estimation).

Operational<br/>due diligence

Integration for

    • Return On Integration®: achievement of the planned synergies and realisation of added value in mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs - >70% integrations failed due to lack of integration experience & focus (budget, experience & focus).

    • Plan + Execution: including 100-day plan and "Day-1 (first day after signing the deal) Readiness" & risk mitigation plan. Set up an Integration Management Office with functional workstreams and setup/coach effective governance (integration steerco).

    • Investing and building internal integration knowledge of our client = acceleration effect - Leveraging the knowledge and expertise in both companies.

    • Focus on human capital (people engagement drops by 25% in the context of acquisitions) + retention of customers and consolidation and retention of suppliers and channel partners.

    • ROI-Rescue®: adjustment if integration gets out of control (scope/time/budget/employees/custoemrs/sales/turnover/synergies).

    • Early engagement: Start the integration before closing the deal: estimation of the "integrability" of both companies, integration risks, cost & effort settlement + plan is ready before "day-1" (day after deal closure).

Integration for<br/>mergers/acquisitions

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