Volume driven business squeezed in margin

Volume driven business squeezed in margin


    • Family owned business in retail squeezed between increasing purchasing power of their narrow customer base and lower volumes globally resulting in cash drain.

The need

    • Question the volume dogma, open road to sales & distribution strategy that is able to address well chosen margin driven markets.

What we did

    • Create mission statement which addresses market and margin driven responsibility. Sharpen reporting and visibility tools, plan scenario’s to get out of the cash drain circle. ABC product analysis, sales force fit for defined market strategy. Review supply chain and integrate IT platform.

The impact

    • After one and half years, with a clear mission and a redefined market approach:

    • Output from 45 Mio m²/annum to 30 Mio m²/annum

    • Sales from 210 Mio € to 160 Mio $

    • Cash drain of 15 Mio € to cash flow of 25 Mio €

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