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Virtual-Power anticipates the flexibility of refrigeration installations. The result? A cheaper energy contract and a lower ecological footprint. A win-win for companies thanks to this future-proof sustainable company. Three years after it was set up, Virtual-Power is now waiting in the wings to grow from start-up to scale-up with its green sustainable mission. Under the guidance of Resolvus, it will no doubt reach its goals. A nice conversation with Joost Busschaert, co-founder and financial power behind Virtual-Power.

“I started this new adventure with Pascal Braeke in February 2017. We are active in the energy sector and focus on renewable energy

At Virtual-Power: there is one rule-of-thumb: the more flexibility, the better the price. Once you are a client at Virtual-Power we will look at the possibilities to increase the flexibility within your company together. This results in an investment plan whereby you have the possibility to invest or to let Virtual-Storage do it for you.”


Three years into its existence Virtual-Power wants to grow from start-up to scale-up with its green sustainable mission, under the wing of Resolvus.

“Patrick and Resolvus introduced us to their CFO service. For us as a start-up this turned out to be an absolutely invaluable service. Pitching to investors, putting together a plan of action: it’s a lot to deal with when you are in the process of building your business. We wanted to grasp this opportunity and felt that we needed help to see the full picture and then write the scenario. That way we could remain focussed on our core business, while Resolvus took care of the growth and investment plan.


“Resolvus helped us put together the financial aspect towards expanding into a scale-up from A to Z. Patrick wrote the right format and did all the negotiations. Exactly what you need to remain focussed, especially if it’s also presented to you as a very pleasant opportunity to learn.”


“Thanks to Resolvus a new party jumped on board. Resolvus convinced independent energy broker ENBRO to further expand the company together with the two founders. Enbro gives advice to companies with regards to energy and compares prices with energy providers for its customers. 

An indispensable service towards what we want to live up Virtual-Power to as a company. Today we find ourselves once again at a tipping point and we are looking abroad. Again, Resolvus plays an important part in attracting new potential investors in accordance with the right financial plans. We are and remain pleasantly surprised about the way Resolvus remains at the top of its creative game and how they know exactly who to talk to in its huge network of potential partners.”

What are, for you, the core values of this great collaboration and Resolvus as unique partner?

“Having Resolvus on board, means you act confidently. It is our sparring partner to reinforce our own business. They are extremely creative, professional and a source of experience during the right negotiations.”


“If Resolvus should cross your path… or if you are actively start looking for CFO and CEO services, or if you’re thinking ‘I could really do with some help’, then don’t hesitate! Make the call. You’ll be amazed at the results that will follow from you working together with Resolvus. They go for the long haul, with remarkable attention towards your business.”


Thank you, Joost. We wish you and Virtual-Power a lot of success and we are honoured to be a part of your team!


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