Setup Merger Integration structure in the Energy sector

Setup Merger Integration structure in the Energy sector


    • Merger of 2 companies in the energy sector in Belgium, > 5000 employees, >€3Bn revenue - 2 very different cultures, values and ways of working.

The need

    • Make one company of both, €100M estimated synergies over 4 years, Avoid “big eats small” effect, with loss of key talent, resistance on integration.

What we did

    • Assist a consulting company with our operational and hands-on experience, in setting up the integration program management structure: Integration Management Office, Workstreams, program governance, project management and reporting structures, day-1 readiness plan, 100 day plan, change management strategy and action plan.

The impact

    • Both companies ready and setup to prepare their DAY-1 and first 100-days.

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