Restructuring, Merger Integration and making ready for sale

Restructuring, Merger Integration and making ready for sale


    • B2B Wholesaler in electricity sector in Belgium, €40M, 90employees, 8 locations. Acquired by a Danish group in 2011, Revenue in decline.

The need

    • Restructure the business, integrate into the Benelux organization and processes, create the conditions for turnaround and make the company ready for a possible resell.

What we did

    • Reduced the workforce with 30%, Implemented SAP, setup of a new organization, retraining and reskilling employees, outsourced ICT to Denmark and the Netherlands, relocated the 2 BE warehouses to a Benelux warehouse in the Netherlands, setup of new logistic and supply chain processes via NL.

The impact

    • Belgian subsidiary fully integrated in the Benelux and sold in 2017 to a French group.

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