Restore governance and transparancy

Restore governance and transparancy


    • UK Subsidiary of a Belgian company developed non integrated strategy, did not develop transparency and proper reporting processes and non ethical issues appeared on the background.

The need

    • Recreate the instruments of good governance: defined management roles, proper board meetings with power and responsibility, reporting processes to mother company and alignment of market strategy.

What we did

    • Workshops on market strategy in coherence with mother strategy , set-up of delegation of power, integration of ERP and reporting processes. Revisiting Board processes and governance.

The impact

    • After 1 year accepted and streamlined market strategy.

    • Effective Board process and communication.

    • New organogram and hiring with clear view on market responsibility.

    • Ethical issues solved with firing.

    • Ethical issues solved with firing. Increase of sales compared to 2017 with 15% and EBITDA of 10%.

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