Resolvus provides you with a next-level company plan drawn up with the highest regard for the personal aspects of your business, the dynamic entrepreneur behind it and the team. Sustainable value creation voor alle stakeholders centraal. 

Our hands-on experts not only have an excellent reputation, they also have tons of experience branching across several fields of expertise. Resolvus dives into your story with you, into your team.


"Samen vertalen we jouw kantelmomenten in een sterk groeiverhaal."


Co-Founder & Partner van Resolvus

Edwig eats, sleeps and breathes entrepreneurship. He managed several SME’s and multinationals for decades. Today he is involved in the undertakings of quite a few entrepreneurs. His expertise in financial reporting that he fully applies to taking companies to a next level, is widely appreciated.

His vision: "Implementing growth and making sure a company can be managed proactively. With the focus on strengthening from within via the financial department. That’s where I love gearing my attention towards!"


Co-Founder & Partner bij Resolvus
Married to Dieter and mother to Guillaume and Edgard

Sophie has a masters’ degree in commercial sciences and an MBA from Flanders Business School. She acquired 20 years of experience as director in banking. Her expertise and passion for the business are anchored in funding and connection.

Her motto: “Believe, dare and go for it, because there is only one you! The way you think and manage your business is unique and that is where your power lies. To make your dream come true, no matter how big or small, is why I do this!”


Co-Founder & Partner bij Resolvus
Married to Inge and father to Elise and Emile

Patrick has years of experience as CFO in zowel KMO’s als multinationals. Zijn passie en focuspunten ? Investeringsanalyses, management reporting, Dealmaking & dealguidance, empowerment vanuit teams, FF scan, project portfolio management, Kaizen, 6Sigma, from strategie to execution, CashFlow Reporting & Forecast, management dashboards en riskmanagement. Patrick gelooft heel sterk in de business partnering rol vanuit finance als hefboom tot ondernemerssucces … transforming the finance function from cost center into a profit center !

His motto: “Choose simplicity in al wat je doet, ook binnen je bedrijf.

” Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication! ”

” Samen gaan we voor die extra mile !” 


Co-Founder & Partner bij Resolvus
Married to Sylvie and father to Sophie, Delphine and Charlotte

David chose, as a civil engineer, to take over his father’s electro-technic wholesale business at a young age. Until 2012 he managed to increase the company’s turnover and manpower up to 5 times.. Ever since selling his company, David has been active as an investor, advisor and director in different SME’s and non-profit associations.

His vision on business: “Whether, as an entrepreneur, you focus on organic growth or take-overs… Allowing people to work together so they can all evolve in a certain direction is the most gratifying thing you can achieve as a manager. And that is also where you’ll find your biggest challenge.”


Here is where we would like to highlight the interesting entrepreneurs and companies we work with. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the trust they place in us, day after day. Discover the authentic stories of fantastic companies and the unique people behind them.



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Jeroen en Philippe zijn helemaal klaar om wereldwijd hun droom waar te maken.

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